Notes To Self


I surrender.

I choose to trust Your power.

I relinquish control to You.

I ask that You enable me to see that when I’m weak You have the opportunity to be mightily strong. *JED


I surrender my agenda today.

Flood me with Your Holy Spirit in a noticeable way, for the sake of Your kingdom. JED


Bring me to a new place of freedom where I can boldly say this in the aftermath of a painful story:

         It was God who sent me here.

Gen 45:5


I may not know what today holds for me, but I know you are with me, holding me through whatever storm crashes my way.

I want to be ready, but more than that, I want to honor You.



Today I want to see my worries as small and You as larger than a mountain.

Forgive me for reversing that LORD.  JED


I need to know You have me in the palm of Your hand today.

Keep this in front of me today. JED


You are my deliverer in the midst of my pain.

Jesus I want Your presence in the midst of my pain. JED


I want to be part of Your holy remnant.

Show me TODAY someone who truly needs to know You love them. JED


I continually seek You because You alone give me worth and peace. JED


Listen for God’s voice in everything I do…everywhere I go; He’s the one who will keep me on track.  Prov 3:6 MSG


We really never know enough until we recognize that God alone knows it all. 1 Cor 8:3 MSG


 Know you well Susan, and you are special to me. Ex. 33:17 MSG


I am anchored in all upheaval, roped securely to God’s Throne.  Nothing can untie me. Heb 6:19Beth Moore


His faithful promises are my armor and protection. Ps:4 NLT


In a word. . . “Grow up”.

You’re kingdom subjects . . . now live like it.

Live out your God-created identity 

Live generously and graciously toward others, the way God lives in you.

You are called to something higher. Mt 5:8


“Some believe it is only great power that can hold evil in check but that is not what I’ve found.  It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary fold, that keeps the darkness at bay.”

The Wizard Grandolf  The Hobbit  J.R.R. Tolkien


*JED    Jesus Every Day   Mary DeMuth