El Shaddai – Almight God!


adjective al·mighty \ȯl-ˈmī-tē\

having absolute power over all

Wow…just breathe that in for a minute…

Almighty God. As we continue our Names of God series, today we look at El Shaddai from the Old Testament. That is the name that has been speaking to me. It’s been the name I’ve needed to hear, and hear from. And it’s got quite a kick to it. Absolute power. Over ALL.

When I worry or fret…when I think I have to know all the answers or be all the things to all of the people….El-Shaddai says He’s got this. He’s all over it. He is the be-all-end-all. El-Shaddai appears to Abram (later Abraham) and says, “I am the Almighty God” (Genesis 17:1 KJV), and that was just His introduction! Then He later appears to Jacob in Genesis 35 saying, “And God said unto him, I am God Almighty…” (Genesis 35:11 KJV). Doesn’t leave any doubt, does it? He does not mess around. Of course, those two gentlemen didn’t have the benefit of easy access to God’s Holy Word. Therefore, He was really clear with His earliest followers when He communicated with them, and from the outset according to Genesis–right up front. He is who He says He is, and I am more at peace when I remember that. But, what does this mean for us today? I mean, “all powerful”…yeah, we’ve got that. But what else?

“He is almighty because He is able to carry out His purposes and plans to their fullest and most glorious and triumphant completion…and He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think.”

What I need is to remember who God is. When I’m in trouble, when I’m in doubt, when I am anxious, when I celebrate, when I’m joyous – He is the Almighty One, the one whose fingers touch everything, whose ears hear every breath and every sound and every thought, whose heart beats for me, and for you. The Almighty One who is faithful to provide for all of my needs in His time. “It’s important to note here that to experience God’s sufficiency as our all-sufficient El Shaddai, we must realize our own insufficiency. To experience God’s fullness as He has revealed Himself through His names, we must first empty ourselves–that is, make ourselves empty vessels which El Shaddai can then fill and use.”

Because He is Almighty, I can rest in knowing that all He asks is for this vessel to unload all the unnecessary distraction (busy-ness, worry, self-service, etc.) so that He can move in me to move in this world. Because in His infinite wisdom, and out of an abundance of love, He believed that this world needed one of me (and one of you, too).

I have had to sit, honestly, and think on this name and what it means. He is Lord of ALL. He has absolute power, regardless of what is going on around me at any given moment of any day here on His green earth. My momentary struggles or celebrations are simply that, momentary. And we have known this from the start. Thousands of years before we arrived here, He was looking Abram in the face and telling him right up front who He is, and then showing it in action by fulfilling His promises.

So, tonight as I lay my head down to find some rest, I will do what I can to lay down some of what’s been filling up this particular vessel, making the carrying of it so burdensome, that He may have all the room He needs within which to work. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s not an easy task…this vessel is often heavy-laden. But I can certainly try. I can dig up a little more faith from down deep inside, and trust. I can leave fretting at His feet tonight…and hopefully some tomorrow, too. And a little more as I move along.

Dr. Tony Evans, a prominent Christian pastor, author and speaker wrote this prayer when considering this name of God, El-Shaddai, and I pray this for you and me right now:

El Shaddai show me how to honor You with my faith like Abraham did throughout his life. I want to be a person of great faith who gets to experience You as El Shaddai in my life. At times Abraham did not exhibit the faith that he did in later days yet in so doing he delayed the oath of the covenant coming to him from You. Help me not to cause delays in my destiny but rather to walk upright in faith starting even from today. Strengthen the muscles of my heart and my soul to be willing to risk all to show You my dedication and commitment to You as my King and to Your kingdom agenda on earth.” Amen.

Happy Wednesday friends! May the Almighty God fill you the rest of this week, and beyond.