Recovery: Inheriting The Promises Of A New Life


It wasn’t until my early 40’s when I realized the Holy Bible is a book about recovery. To be honest, I never read the Bible until then. Many of us are just waking up to the fact that recovery is an essential part of life for everyone. I just didn’t realize I could read pages of Scriptures to recover the soul I’d lost for so many years. Rebuilding a broken life is serious and it almost came too late for me.

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up. (James 4:10)

God always gives humble people a chance to start again. It wasn’t until after my second suicide attempt when I accepted Christ into my life. I desperately needed help in my recovery for healing, forgiveness and strength. I began reading the Bible daily and met numerous individuals in the Bible whose hurting lives were restored through the wisdom and power of God. It sounded so familiar as if I was reading my own story. I realized we are no different than the individuals in the Bible. They, too, were far from perfect! After all, the Book of Genesis reminds us of where all of our problems began as it illustrates human opportunities, difficulties, and sin while demonstrating that God’s solutions are the only ones that work. I was so astounded that while learning Scripture, the Bible is about recovery and letting God do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. It gave me the encouragement and enthusiasm to take the steps necessary to draw closer to my Creator and Redeemer. Understanding the Bible revealed a plan for my recovery and the source of the power to accomplish it; this gave me the hope and peace I’d searched for what felt like endless years through so many tears. I remember the exact moment when I learned Christ is the one to whom we can turn for deep healing and recovery…. and my recovery was on the way!

In God I have put my trust.

(Psalm 56:11)

The greatest joy came into my heart and soul when I first realized I was already in the beginning of my recovery and wanted to share the message with the world about my Lord, my Savior Jesus Christ. I felt my soul for the first time in over a decade! I heard the beautiful music from birds singing, the intense, sweet aroma from spring flowers. Had it always been this way and I was just now able to recognize the beautiful abundance around me? Through the Holy Spirit and my growing passion for discovery, I began to immerse myself in His Word and Bible studies. Within the first year, I realized my Scripture readings allowed God to heal my wounded soul. I was so surprised by the changes that God made in my life. Recognizing how far I had already come, encouraged me to persevere in the process of my recovery.

While we will always face obstacles as we seek to live out God’s plan for our lives, God wants us to succeed in recovery. I knew I could not find strength within myself, but strength through trusting God. By allowing Him to direct my decisions and plans brought restoration to my life. God restored what was broken and changed it into something amazing and beautiful. All I needed was faith. God is always a God of restoration and healing. No situation is too far gone for Him to restore. Trust me, I have been there! My life was shattered, a total mess that I even hated to be with myself! His Word showed me how I could gain direction from my past, guidance for the present and hope for my future.

Against all odds, God is able to bring about recovery for us. But remember, recovery is a characteristic of God that should be appreciated and not presumed upon. We need to be willing to listen to His Word and follow through. It’s not always easy. As painful as it is, how wonderful that God provided His Son to take the punishment on our behalf. Recovery can take place only in the environment of grace created by the work of Jesus Christ.

As we may know, the book of Revelation is about struggle and gives hope to believers. As God transformed my shattered world, He will make your broken life new as well. Throughout Revelation, He urges us to not give up but to believe in Him and to overcome.

Will you allow recovery in Christ like I did? Will you turn over your life to Him today? He is greater than any other power in the universe.

In Christ,