How You Can Feed The Hunger From Iraq To Alamance

Today we’re so happy to welcome Susannah Williams as our guest writer.  Personally, she’s one of the most kind, gentle-hearted and strong-holder of hope I know and am glad to call friend.  She has a heart for people and especially for God.  As our SMCW blog is focusing on volunteering and serving for a few weeks, Susannah, who’s had many opportunities to talk face to face with women with physical and spiritual hunger and needs in the U.S. and in other countries, is sharing some of her story with us today.  Thank you, Susannah!


What is Feed the Hunger?

I get this question a lot. Given that my husband, Joseph, is CEO of this nonprofit evangelical mission organization, the answer to that question usually rolls right off my tongue.

Feed the Hunger assists in meeting the physical and spiritual hunger of those in need. They help equip Christian leaders around the world with tools like Bibles, simple transportation, and self-support initiatives.  They feed physical hunger by providing nutritious food, clean water, and emergency aid and relief.  By participating in food packing events called Packathons, domestic and overseas mission trips, and investing your resources, Feed the Hunger provides you and your family with opportunities to serve.

But here is what I really want to say – if you have the time- if your heart wants to listen. Feed the Hunger is more than veggies, beans, vitamins and rice. It’s opening your eyes to the world around you.  It’s traveling hours across the Jamaican countryside to serve a child their only meal for the day.  It’s listening to the heart of a teacher as she struggles to educate too many kids with too few resources. It’s sharing the words of Jesus and giving a child their only Bible – to later hear that the entire family has since been saved. It’s sending food packets home in book bags, knowing that summer is almost here and American kids will return to school in the fall weighing a good 15 pounds less because of the lack of nutritious food.  It’s getting to know a pastor who continues to serve and love those around him in spite of his failing health and daily physical pain. It’s a new awareness of great persecution as fellow followers of Christ flee their homes and fear for their lives because ISIS has proclaimed a holy war. It’s joining with your kids and serving together as you scoop the veggies and they pour the rice, then discussing why what you are doing matters so much.

Feed the Hunger is much more.  It’s serving and loving, sharing and giving.  It’s coming away blessed even though you were the one there to serve.  It’s the hands and the feet of Christ.  Feed the Hunger is you…it’s me.

Here’s some summer opportunities for you, your family, small group, community group, staff team, or friends to pack some meals for ISIS victims, FtH partners in Kentucky and Jamacia. They will be operating two permanent packing stations at their headquarters in Graham, NC all summer long – and they need your help! Let them know if you can recruit at least ten volunteers and come for a two hour shift during these dates (second week of each month): June 8-13, July 6-11, and August 10-15. Available shift times are Monday-Friday from 3-5pm or 6:30-8:30pm, and Saturday from 9-11am

SMC have been hosting Pack-a-Thons the past few years in Reformation Hall and many of you may have participated and know how much this is a life-giving and fun experience.  You’re welcome to come pack again or if this is your first time, you’ll be blessed and glad you came.

So thanks for taking the time, the extra effort to hear my heart. If you are interested in getting involved with Feed the Hunger, please visit or call 1-888-772-9634.